A Professional Photoshop Panel for, Fashion, Portrait and Wedding Photographers

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Extension Manager

Extension manager must be installed on your computer. Only Photoshop CS6, CC and CC2014 is supported


3 Computers

You can install this panel maximum to 3 of your personal computers. After reformatting your system, you can install again.


Single User

It's totally forbidden to share this addon with your friends or relatives. If detected, your access to future updates will be cancelled without further notice.

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Retouching Tools

When reviewed against it's competitors, This addon is definitely better with photo quality and additional retouching features.

Skin Cleaning

With this kit, you can mattify the shiny areas of your skin without losing texture,
lessen freckles and any other blemishes and soften the texture.


In addition to making your eyes and mouth pop,
you can apply shimmery blush, powder, eye shadow,
mascara and whiten your teeth.

Professional Color Filters

Colorful Filters

"90's, Alisha, Blutiful, Cream, Indian, September Purple Shadow, Viana" these are the names used in our color filters.

Black & White Filters

"Monochrome, Sephia, Tmax 400, Neopan 400, Expired Film, Ilford Xp2" are the black'n white filters.

Dual Colored Filters

"Crown, Firefly, Fox, Hoodie, Greeny, Ponk" are the colored filter names.


Customizable Layers

Color filters used in retouching panel are all customizable, and this is one of the most important features of our panel.






With only chancing the opacity level of a layer or a full group, you can change the effect result on your processed photo.


Layer Appearance

Is there an effect that you don't like? For example if you don't want the 'Flare' layer that adds sun-light effect, you can turn it off.





Self-documented Layers

Every layer group is named properly with the effect. For example warmer group will warm the photo and 'haze' group will add haze.


Ability to change the settings

You can change the opacity of an effect that you don't like by bringing down or totally disable it with changing the visibility.


It's not a wizard!

This panel gurantees to enhance the visuals on your photos. But this panel DOES NOT gurantee to convert a bad photo into a good one.



Raw Photo

Before using this panel, please do not edit your photos with other filter software or change your camera's intensity settings.

Correct Exposure

The output may not be perfect if the raw photo is over or under exposed.

Correct White Balance

If you're shooting photos under fluorescent light or tungsten, please make the correct white balance adjusments.

FAQs and Suggestions

If you have problems or you have suggestions for us, please send an email to 'psactionsnet@gmail.com' address and attach a screen shot if needed. Below are the most common problems you may encounter.


Starting Panel

After installation is complete. Fireup photoshop and From "Windows" Menu, click on "Retouching Panel" tan can be found in "Extensions" sub menu.

Very slow working.

In some systems the application time of actions may take some time. To make it faster, make sure you close all the programs running in the background. (Especially flash and java)




"Extensions" Tab is closed.

If your extensions tab is not active, you can turn it on from Adobe Photoshop's settings in Plugins section. Just enable "Load extensions Panel" button.

"Manifest.xml not found" Error

Please update your Extension Manager on your system. If the problem still persists, try uninstalling and installing back again. Download links for Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CC.


Our Other Products

You can purchase the other photoshop addons and mobile apps that we've created, coded and prepared already.




Beauty Retouching Kit

The Best Quality Skin Cleaner Photoshop Actions Until Now!.v3.0.1 Panel is work on Photoshop CC2015 *** * v3.0.0 Panel is work on Photoshop C6/CC/CC2014 * v2.0.0 Actions file is work on Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 , CS6, CC, * Work on Windows and Mac OS

Satın Al! 29$


Analog Film Simulator

You can apply Fuji Film's legendary photo effects called "Astia, Provia, Velvia, Pro160, Pro400 and Acros". This addon gives better performance then all other addons released up to today.


Satın Al! 19$


Professional Colorful Actions

If you want, you can purchase all actions like ".atn files" individually. Some of the filters are specially designed for Retouching Panel like 'Indian, Blutiful and DuoChrome'


Satın Al! 5-9$


Mobile Filter App

Soon you'll be able to run our photoshop color filters and addons from your iOS device (including iPads and iPhones) And also with our new photo editing engine, 21MP (21 Mega Pixels) photos will be edited.